Sunday, September 9, 2007

Unofficial Notes, Sunday 9, 6247

General notes for Sunday, September 9, 6247
NOTE: I arrived late, so hopefully someone will provide better notes

  • Discussing the importance of the heka (power of the spoken word)
  • Importance of the "Opening of the Mouth" ritual
    • Speaks to the Ka of the person who is not deceased, where the Ka is the person's spiritual double; the Ka moves, speaks, and eats
    • Family would set aside a place where the Ka would come to visit
    • The ritual was only reserved for persons of the highest class, does this suggests that "lay persons" were ignored or less important?
      • Priests were available to all, and several levels of priests
  • Blood ritual and sacrifice
    • What is the role/replacement for blood in ritual
    • Discussed the practical aspect of so called animal sacrifice; food shared amongst the community
  • What is the significance of wearing in ankh or symbol
    • Often the symbol have been blessed; perhaps it serves as a reminder
    • To wear in ankh provides protection
    • Wearing an ankh is not heka - what makes it powerful? What has been said over it; what you believe, what you associate with it - the possibility that the power can be infused within the symbol
    • When we talk about the power of Heka, Talking about altars , Altars are places where we think a sacred places abides,
    • For each of us we need to find something that will allow us authentically connect with spirit

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